“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.”

― Aaron Rose

About C.Light.Wise

C.Light.Wise shares knowledge and passion, inspires, develops lighting concepts, and creates lighting and illumination designs for indoor and outdoor spaces.
Fuelled by curiosity, I search for the connection between aesthetics and functionality in my designs. Shape, colour, materialization, surroundings, and the (intended) use of the space will be different every time, which makes every space unique.
I am convinced that the best designs and solutions originate from knowledge, an open mind, and the courage to collaborate.

Good lighting that fits the space and its user requires a specialized, focused approach. Therefore, it is important to go through several design phases. As an independent lighting designer, I work closely with my clients, project teams and contractors to guarantee the design in the end result.

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Havenkom Almere Haven on the shortlist for the [d]arc awards!

YES! I am super happy and grateful for this project, Havenkom in Almere Haven, to be shortlisted for the [d]arc awards!
The only truly peer-to-peer lighting design awards in the world.
So here it is
A friendly shoutout to all independent lighting designers, light artists, interior designers, architects and product designers: let your vote make a difference!

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Thank you for voting and sharing the love for light!

‘Take notice of what light does – to everything’ | Tess Guinery

Inspiration can be found everywhere, and sometimes we notice it in a way that touches us. This can happen with everyday things, in the most unexpected moments, and in locations that you select specifically for this reason. We like it or feel aversion, it challenges to think about it. That’s where inspiration grows.

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Railway station 'Stadhuis'


The lighting design for railway station 'Stadhuis' showcases the space and gives a clear overview and a logical step to the Town Hall Square above. Design and light colour are in tune with the movements of the user.

Implementation: 2019

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Architect: Common Affairs
Lighting calculations: PCO infra

'Markt' and centre


Together with Noorderlichtadvies en Vormgeving, C.Light.Wise created the lighting design for the Markt, Emmaplein, and the direct surroundings. The luminaires, special lightpoles, and the accentuation of the architecture make it a recognisable area.

Implementation: 2020

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Almere Haven

From the Sluiskade until de Brink, Almere Haven got a brand new light installation. In the Havenkom, the lighting design is combined with the spatial design by HOSPER after which it leads you to the canals and squares of the city centre. The light provides a recognisable and attractive appearance.

Implementation: 2022-2023

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Lighting calculations: Noorderlichtadvies en Vormgeving



The area Cadenza can be found on the east side of the “Stadshart” of Zoetermeer. The design of Cadenza makes this area the place to be for food, beverage, and leisure in Zoetermeer. C.Light.Wise was commissioned by project developer Synchroon for the lighting design.

Implementation: 2017

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Palace of Justice


Together with Noorderlichtadvies en Vormgeving, C.Light.Wise created a lighting design for the entrance, council chambers, multifunctional rooms, waiting rooms, and hallways of the Palace of Justice in Arnhem.

Implementation: 2022

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Pictures: Vormbeeldig
Distributer: Qcat lighting
Installation: Hollander Techniek



The liveliness and activity on the Stadhuisplein are supported by playful lightpoles and an energetic lighting design. Traffic and pedestrians can find their way. Entrances to the trainstop below are logically indicated by the light.

Implementation: 2019

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Architect: Common Affairs
Lighting calculations: PCO infra