About Carlijn

Why I am a lighting designer

During my study Interior Architecture at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, I learned much about space, shapes, colour, materials, and architecture, but also about the difference between looking and seeing.
Spending a study year in Florence, Italy ignited my fascination for light. Light is an unmistakable element in the arts and architecture and the interplay between light and space is almost magical here.
During my internship with an architectural firm, I saw how lighting designers were included in several projects to make the overall picture complete. Seeing that connection provided more fuel for my fire. After all, one can create the greatest architectural design, but without light it isn’t visible.

I have been an independent lighting designer since December 2012 and have been able to combine my passion for space, light, shadow, design, and communication and use this to enthusiastically work on projects where lighting design is indispensable.
In 2016, I completed the master programme “Architectural Lighting and Design Management” at Hochschule Wismar, University of Applied Sciences, Technology, Business and Design in Germany.
I am the Dutch ambassador for Women In Lighting because it gives me joy to share my passion for and knowledge about light and to increase the visibility of women in this sector.



Lighting design is a profession, collaboration is a must.
Therefore, we will need to examine habits and expectations, implement change, and have courage to collaborate.


Light is a wonderful phenomenon. The ability to experience light in countless ways teaches us that we need to approach lighting design from multiple and diverse perspectives.

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